Save on back-to-school purchases

Chamber members and their employees can easily take advantage of their member savings benefit at Office Depot with enhanced store purchasing cards. The cards, available to every Kentucky Chamber member, can be swiped at the cash register for the exclusive Chamber discount (up to 30 percent off). The total can then be paid separately by cash, check, debit or credit card, or companies may qualify to be invoiced for store purchases. The card may also be tied to an online account for easy transactions out of store. More

“We’re very excited to be able to offer the store purchasing cards to our members,” said Denise Scott, the Kentucky Chamber’s member services director. “This discount has been available to our members for some time now, but the new cards make it so much easier to take advantage of the savings.”

Member companies may also offer this benefit to their employees for discounts on personal Office Depot purchases, such as school supplies or home office items. The Chamber discount applies to office supply items, copy, print and finishing services, furniture and more.

“Our member companies can even order cards for every employee, which is a great little perk for their staffs at no cost to the business,” Scott said.

To request a complimentary Office Depot store purchasing card or learn more about this and other member savings programs from the Kentucky Chamber, please contact Denise Scott at 502-848-8724.

Office Depot Discount Program

  • Chamber of Commerce discounted account pricing on more than 100,000 office supply items
  •  Save 15-30% over lowest retail prices on top 100 items in-store and online
  • Save 5% over lowest retail prices in-store and online on everything else
  • Receive additional specials and monthly coupons
  • Discounted copy & print services: B/W copies for 2.5 cents, color copies for 29 cents
  • Additional 40% off finishing services, including binding, folding, stapling and more
  • Special pricing on all promotional products
  • Additional discounts on furniture, technology and tech support, breakroom and coffee items and more
  • Next-day delivery and free shipping on orders over $50
  • No contract or sign-on fees

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