Action Alert: Advance education for a more highly skilled workforce

Help advance the Chamber’s education agenda to ensure the students of today can be the highly skilled workers of tomorrow. Call and leave a message for your legislators at 1-800-372-7181 and share your support for the following bills.

Principal Selection – Contact your representative and ask them to support SB 12 (Winters). SB 12 gives superintendents more authority in the hiring of school principals. Since superintendents are held accountable for the success or failure of each school, it is only logical and in the best interests of students, for superintendents to have input in the leadership of those schools. This Chamber-supported measure awaits action in the House Education Committee.

Improve educational attainment and relevance – Contact your senator and share your support for both HB 225 and SB 36. These two bills are currently awaiting action in the Senate and would greatly improve the expectation in and relevance of high schools. SB 36 (Westwood) provides a career-based program of study for high school students. HB 225 (Greer) phases in raising the mandatory school attendance age to 18. Together, these bills would provide the business community with a more qualified workforce. These Chamber-supported bills await action in the Senate Education Committee.

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