Action Alert: Stop Health Care Mandates

The Kentucky Chamber has long opposed mandates on health insurance companies that raise premiums on employers. SB 75 (Buford) will increase health care costs, particularly on small business owners, by unbundling services and mandating higher payments to chiropractors. It allows chiropractors to bill insurers for evaluation services on every visit, fails to require chiropractors to provide documentation proving medical necessity and requires insurers to reimburse chiropractors for each service separately. This measure will result in increased premiums on individuals and employers without improving services. This bill passed the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee and could be voted by the full Senate as soon as Monday.

Let’s be clear: the Chamber’s opposition to SB 75 is not an attack on chiropractors and the valuable services they bring to their communities. However, this bill sets a dangerous precedent by allowing one provider group to circumvent the private negotiation process and increase premiums through a legislative mandate. With the economy still in recovery mode and the health care market in a state of flux, now is not the time to raise costs for small employers. Call 1-800-372-7181 and tell your state senator to oppose SB 75.

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