Principal selection bill moves forward

SB 12, a Chamber-supported bill to give superintendents more of a say with the hiring of school principals, passed the House today with a vote of 83-16. Since superintendents are held accountable for the success or failure of each school, it is only logical and in the best interests of students, for superintendents to have input in the leadership of those schools. 

The bill was amended in committee to include the following compromise between the teachers, administrators, superintendents and school boards.

  • During the principal selection process, the outgoing principal shall not serve on the school council.
  • The superintendent or the superintendent’s designee shall serve as the chair of the council for the purpose of the hiring process. The superintendent shall have voting rights during the selection process.
  • No principal who has been previously removed or demoted for cause within the district from a position may be considered for appointment as principal.
  • The principal shall be elected on a majority vote of the membership of the school council.
  • Any meeting of three or more members of the school council shall be subject to existing open meetings laws including any necessary public notification. 

The legislation will now return to the Senate for concurrence or nonconcurrence. If the bill’s changes are approved by the Senate, it will then be sent to the Governor Beshear for his signature.

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