Action Alert: Advance education for a more highly skilled workforce

A critical piece of legislation is being reconsidered during the 2011 special session that has the potential to impact Kentucky’s business climate, your company – and community. Though a previous bill proposing an increase in the high school drop-out age was not successful during the regular session, an identical bill was introduced in the legislature this week.

House Bill 2 would impact the business climate by creating a more educated workforce for Kentucky businesses. The bill would raise the mandatory high school attendance age to 18. It is estimated that approximately 6,000 students drop out of school each year in Kentucky, impacting not only those individuals’ lifetime earning abilities, but the educated workforce from which businesses can hire employees. HB 2 has passed the House, and now is being considered in the Senate. Call (502) 564-8100 to leave a message for your senator. 

Building momentum in the business community – and ensuring legislators hear from their constituents on this issue – will be critical to getting the bill passed. Please contact your senator and encourage the legislature to work towards an agreement that not only increases the graduation rate, but also creates a more engaging experience for students.

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