McConnell continues the fight against unnecessary EPA regulation

Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pushing forward with its plans to regulate and penalize carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act.  The EPA has admitted that regulating greenhouse gases under the Act would subject the business community to an onerous and costly process that will see costs for businesses skyrocket. Kentucky’s Senior Senator and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is offering an amendment in the U.S. Senate, with the support of 43 co-sponsors, that would stop the EPA from regulating and penalizing carbon emissions and instead proposes to let Congress address the issue. The Kentucky Chamber applauds Sen. McConnell for his aggressive leadership on an issue that could have a devastating impact on Kentucky’s business community.  The Senate could vote on this amendment in the coming week, possibly as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday.  The Chamber strongly encourages you to contact Senator McConnell and thank him for his leadership on this issue. The Chamber is closely monitoring this situation and will keep you informed of its possible affect on the business community.

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