Advisory group begins work on Business One-Stop portal

Chamber President Dave Adkisson participated in the first meeting of the Business One-Stop advisory group today. During the 2011 legislative session, the Chamber strongly supported SB 8, sponsored by Sen. David Givens, that requires state government to create a Internet-based business one-stop portal to improve dealings with state government for employers.

Adkisson encouraged the group to focus their efforts on creating a user-friendly interface that is customer service focused. Employers deal with a number of state agencies and often face difficulties when navigating the maze of state agencies. The Chamber will follow closely the implementation of the Business One-Stop portal and offer suggestions to improve employers dealings with state government.

The Chamber needs your feedback.  Which agencies are the most difficult to deal with? Do you have trouble getting permits or licenses? Tell us how government should improve to help employers. Email the Chamber’s Public Affairs team with your suggestions at

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