House, Senate partially resolve redistricting

The Kentucky General Assembly moved one step closer to resolving the issue of redistricting by passing HB 302 on Friday.  The plan redraws Kentucky’s six congressional districts for the next decade. The bill passed the Senate State and Local Government Committee this morning following a contentious debate, then moved to the full Senate where it passed 29-7.  The House passed it 58-26 before sending it to the governor for his signature. The plan, according to legislative leaders, was agreed to by Kentucky’s existing Congressional delegation.

Still partially unresolved is the redistricting plan for the House and Senate legislative districts.  Earlier this week, Judge Phillip Shepherd ruled the new districts passed by the House and Senate unconstitutional and ordered lawmakers to run in their current districts in 2012.  The ruling is being appealed by the legislature. The current filing deadline to run for the House and Senate is 4:00 p.m. today.

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