McConnell announces plan to save Kentucky coal jobs

In a tour through several eastern Kentucky towns this week, Sen. Mitch McConnell announced his plan to save Kentucky’s coal jobs, which have been negatively impacted by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) permitting approval process. The Coal Jobs Protection Act, which Sen. McConnell plans to file next week in the U.S. Senate, would force the EPA to either approve or veto the nearly 402 Kentucky mining permits that have been held up since 2008. These stalled permits have cost the Commonwealth  thousands of jobs and over $123 million in coal severance money. It’s estimated that roughly 3,500 mining jobs in Kentucky could be in jeopardy if the EPA doesn’t revise its current approval process.

The Kentucky Chamber joins 17 local chambers and like-minded business associations, such as the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers and the Associated General Contractors of Kentucky in its overwhelming support of this legislation. Kentucky’s coal industry employs over 14,000 people directly. For every miner employed, three more Kentuckians hold jobs indirectly dependent on coal, including farmers, realtors, and transportation workers. With numbers like this, Kentucky’s economy simply can’t afford for these coal permits to be stuck on the sidelines.

The Chamber plans to closely monitor the progress of this legislation and continue voicing its strong support wherever necessary.

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  1. Save Kentucky coal jobs. We’re going to go to nothing without our coal jobs. Stop Obama. Please. We’re in dire need here. Were depending on your help to help us.

  2. You need to do everything you can to save the coal industry. It is very important to Kentucky. While you are at it, do away with common core and quit dumbing down our kids. We have a granddaughter that we are worried about. My daughter and son got a good education in this state and would like to see the next generation do the same.

  3. Keep fighting for coal and Kentucky jobs.

  4. Richard & Erma Charles | November 12, 2014 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    Senator McConnell, please keep pushing for the Saving Coal Jobs Act (S. 1514). We hope your colleagues will join you in this fight. Richard and Erma Charles

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