Right to Work measure clears Senate Committee

rtw committee meetingOn day two of the 2015 session, members of a state Senate committee heard testimony from business leaders on a key Chamber-supported measure why right to work legislation is important to the state of Kentucky.

Joining Senate President Robert Stivers, Chamber president Dave Adkisson testified in support of Senate Bill 1, a measure that would make Kentucky a right to work state. The measure cleared the Senate Economic Development committee Wednesday, moving the legislation forward for a vote by the full Senate expected Thursday.

President Stivers introduced right to work legislation as Senate Bill 1 for the 2015 session, a designation noting it as a key priority for the session. Stivers noted the importance of right to work in terms of job creation and making Kentucky more competitive.

“Thirty to forty percent will tell you that is the first thing they will knock you off the list for,” Stivers said about companies looking over Kentucky due to a lack of right to work law.

Adkisson noted the Chamber’s strong support for right to work legislation and drew from his experience as an economic developer.

“I know it is a factor in determining whether Kentucky is chosen by companies considering locating here,” said Adkisson. “I am convinced the lack of a right to work law is causing Kentucky to lose thousands of jobs per year.”

Hal Goode, President of the Kentucky Association for Economic Development, also agreed with Adkisson and presented the views of economic developers across the state who support a right to work law. He quoted a number of site consultants who agreed that it is a huge factor in attracting jobs and investment.

After some debate, the Economic Development Committee passed the measure with only three dissenting votes.

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