State House passes statewide smoke-free legislation

smoke free voteFor the first time, the state House brought statewide smoke-free legislation for a vote on the floor and passed House Bill 145 Friday morning with a 51-46 vote.

House Bill 145, sponsored by Rep. Susan Westrom of Lexington, is a comprehensive smoke-free law strongly supported by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce that will cover all indoor workplaces and public places in Kentucky.

“The overwhelming support from the business community is representative of the broad support for these laws in Kentucky and across the country, regardless of political affiliation. It is time for Kentucky to join the 24 other states in being able to attract new businesses and skilled workers by adopting this popular, statewide, smoke-free law,” Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson said.

The bill was amended on the floor to exempt existing cigar bars, private clubs, tobacco stores and existing local ordinances.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration. Please let your legislator know you support smoke free workplaces by calling 1-800-372-7181.

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