Kentucky Chamber asks McConnell and Paul to support patent reform to address patent trolls

The Kentucky Chamber recently penned letters to U.S. Sens. McConnell and Paul expressing concern with the recently introduced STRONG Patents Act of 2015, which will undermine patent troll reforms enacted in 2011, and distract Congress from addressing the urgent problems caused by patent trolls.

This potential legislation could in fact, make it easier for trolls to bring frivolous litigation. Although 41 Attorneys General have signed a letter to the Federal Trade Commission supporting a nationwide investigation of patent trolls and many states have moved forward with patent troll legislation, the problem of patent abuse is on the rise, costing businesses-large and small, billions of dollars.

Patent troll litigation harms innovation and the Kentucky Chamber continues to press for strong patent troll reform legislation that protects our businesses and prevents such abusive practices.

“Protecting intellectual property is very important to entrepreneurship and job creation. That is why we strongly support reforms to prevent abuses of our system,” Kentucky Chamber Vice President of Public Affairs Bryan Sunderland wrote to the senators, adding a suggested list of elements any patent troll reform legislation.

A full copy of the letter can be seen here.

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