Court rules against challenge to EPA regulations, Conway says he will fight overreach

A federal appeals court Tuesday dismissed a challenge by attorneys general, including Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, to an Obama administration proposal to cut carbon emissions from U.S. power plants. After the ruling, Conway said he plans to continue to fight overreach on the issue.

The challenge was to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, which sets carbon reduction emissions goals for individual states. However, the court said the challenge of the rules—set to be finalized in August—was premature.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Conway said the early challenge was made “in order to best protect the interests of the commonwealth and our concern for damage to our state’s businesses and ratepayers.” Conway also added that when the rules are final, another challenge will be brought against the regulations because he believes if enacted they would bring harm to Kentucky’s economy.

“This is a long-term battle regarding an overreach of the EPA and by this administration. I plan to fight every step of the way,” Conway said in the statement.

Read more about the EPA issue here and read the full opinion by the court here.

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