Kentucky Chamber urges the Senate to pass LIFT

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dave Adkisson sent the following letter to members of the Senate Wednesday:

Members of Kentucky’s Senate,

As you are undertaking the responsibility of crafting Kentucky’s budget, you realize there is a huge budget shortfall in Kentucky that will inevitably lead to cuts.  Unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities have put the Commonwealth near the bottom when it comes to financial health of states.  This means less money from state for local projects.  Local voters and communities should be able to make their own destiny when it comes to infrastructure upgrades and economic development.

The Kentucky Chamber is asking you support House Bill 2, the LIFT initiative.  LIFT proposes an amendment to Kentucky’s Constitution that would allow citizens to vote on up to a penny additional local sales tax dedicated for the funding of transformational local projects, with a sunset.

37 other states allow local citizens to vote for or against new projects, paid for by a temporary local option sales tax.  All contiguous states except for Indiana and Virginia allow this option. In Kentucky we don’t have that right.

The legislation is clear that this tax must have a sunset, cannot be for the general fund, and has to be less than 1%.  It is important to note that food, medicine, residential utilities, and automobiles are exempted and the ballot language has to enumerate the total cost and length of the project.

LIFT is supported by over 80 groups and associations across the Commonwealth, including many local Chambers.

The Kentucky Chamber is asking that you take up House Bill 2 and let the people decide on important local projects that will improve quality of life and economic development.


Dave Adkisson, President and CEO


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