Growing polarization of Congress impacting pro-business agenda, U.S. Chamber says

At the Kentucky Chamber’s inaugural Congressional Forum, Senior Vice President of Congressional and Public Affairs for the U.S. Chamber Jack Howard said the growing polarization of Congress has made working for a pro-business agenda more difficult at times but the leadership of a Kentucky senator helps make some improvements.

In addressing Kentucky’s business community on Monday, Howard noted the growing polarization of Congress and how that has caused some issues when pushing for passage of pro-business issues at the federal level.

However, Howard said the election of Kentucky U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell to the position of Senate Majority Leader has put Congress “back to work” in many ways, which has resulted in the passage of many issues Howard says are important to the business community.

Howard showed statistics of the growing numbers of polarization in Congress and said that is beginning to impact the daily lives of Americans as well, which he said is visible in the 2016 presidential election.

In terms of the 2016 elections, the U.S. Chamber is closely monitoring the impact that each candidate’s positions will have on the agenda of their organization.

Howard stated that while Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton will have a lot of pressure from the left which will be difficult for the business community but they see potential issues on the horizon with nomination fights and executive orders with Republican candidate Donald Trump.

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