Next president’s top priority should be addressing “regulatory nightmare,” McConnell says

McConnell at congressional forumUPDATED WITH VIDEO: Over-regulation is stifling businesses and will have to be addressed by the next president, regardless of who is elected, Kentucky U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell said at the Kentucky Chamber’s inaugural Congressional Forum Monday.

Speaking to Kentucky’s business community, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said business is massively over-regulated by the Obama administration, which he says creates tepid growth and fewer opportunities.

Because of that, McConnell said that no matter who is elected president in 2016, whether it is Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hilary Clinton, those regulations will have to be addressed so that growth is not continuously stifled.

McConnell also noted that even though both houses of Congress are held by the GOP, almost everything requires presidential signature, making it almost impossible to stop the over-regulation issues.

On the presidential election, McConnell stated that he feels the 2016 election comes down to one question: are you happy with the last eight years?

The Senate Majority Leader told the business community if you are satisfied with the direction of the country over the last eight years,  vote for Democrat Hilary Clinton, if not,  vote for Republican Donald Trump  to spur change..

Also on the election front, McConnell said he is prepared for a very tough election cycle for many of his members and said the Senate GOP is hoping to hold onto the majority but said there are many tough elections across the country.

McConnell also touched on the politics of Kentucky at the state level, stating that he feels Kentucky is not competitive for businesses and won’t be, he believes, until the Republicans take control of the state House and pass bills to   establish Kentucky as a right to work state, repeal the prevailing wage,  allow charter school legislation and more.

Back on the federal level, McConnell said Congress is getting more done under a Republican Senate than they were previously, pointing to the passage of a highway bill and legislation to deal with the drug epidemic in the country and more.

Moving forward, McConnell said “things that don’t work, won’t work” and will have to be addressed by the next administration and Congress by demand of many Americans.

Among those issues, McConnell said, are the Affordable Care Act and the looming cost to states that will come in the coming years to pay for the expansion of Medicaid and more.

Watch the video of McConnell’s remarks below:

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