Right-to-work and other important bills on track to be law in Kentucky by Saturday

Bills dealing with right-to-work, repeal of the prevailing wage, medical review panels, pension transparency and more are on track to become law by the weekend as the legislature moved the bills forward Thursday by passing them in the chambers.

While the General Assembly has only been scheduled to work through Friday this week, House Speaker Jeff Hoover confirmed Wednesday that legislators are likely to stay in town on Saturday to pass key priority legislation in the required five day time frame and get them to the governor’s desk before they recess until February.

The state House passed legislation to make Kentucky a right-to-work state (House Bill 1) and repeal the prevailing wage (House Bill 3) Thursday afternoon, 24 hours after the bills passed out of a House committee Wednesday. Passage of the two bills on the House floor Thursday means they can move to the Senate for first reading and a committee hearing by Friday and pass on the floor Saturday with the proper amount of readings and time required by statute.

Down the hall on Thursday, the state Senate passed bills dealing with establishing medical review panels which seek to address heightened costs directly attributed to Kentucky’s uncontrolled medical liability climate (Senate Bill 4), another right-to-work measure which would requires workers to “opt in” to having union dues withheld from their paychecks rather than the union dues automatically being withdrawn (Senate Bill 6), and a bill to bring transparency to legislators pensions (Senate Bill 3).

Those three Senate bills now head to the House and will also likely follow the same process of being heard in a House committee Friday and see passage on Saturday.

All of these bills experiencing this movement through the legislative process are priorities of the business community and are supported by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

You can learn more about the issues here:

Please call 1-800-372-7181 and let your legislator know that you support these top priorities of the Kentucky Chamber.

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