Bill to improve state workers’ compensation system passes through House committee


Rep. Adam Koenig testifies in favor of his bill, House Bil 296, alongside Kentucky Chamber Public Affairs Director Kate Shaks and Paige Mankovich of Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance

Legislation to improve the efficiency of the workers’ comp system in Kentucky passed the House Economic Development and Workforce Development Committee Thursday.

In explaining House Bill 296, bill sponsor Rep. Adam Koenig said the workers’ compensation system is complex and needs to be updated, which he says this bill does.

This legislation is necessary in order to become the manufacturing hub of the country, Koenig said.

Kentucky Chamber Public Affairs Director Kate Shanks said the legislation represents an opportunity for Kentucky to improve its competitiveness relative to other states in terms of attracting and retaining businesses.

“We’ve spent several months working with a strong coalition of partners to assist Rep. Koenig and primary co-sponsor Rep. Rowland with crafting legislation that will drive down employers’ cost, improve injured workers’ access to care, and return injured workers to work more quickly,” Shanks said.

House Bill 296 would:

  • Clarify that the limitation on reopening claims already in Kentucky’s law will be applied
  • Set appropriate limits for filing claims on injuries identified years after exposure
  • Ensure the proper standard of car through treatment guidelines
  • Address the state’s opioid addiction problem through formulary guidelines
  • Encourage employers to bring workers back to work quickly
  • Establish appropriate durations of payment of medical claims

House Bill 296 now moves to the full house for a vote on the floor.


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