Comprehensive education reform bill passes Kentucky state Senate

Children in a classroom raising their hands.

On Friday, Senators passed Senate Bill 1, an omnibus education bill which impacts several areas of Kentucky’s education system.

The law follows the passage and implementation of the federal “Every Student Succeeds Act” that was signed in December 2015 and intended to shift more control over education policy to the states.

Senate Bill 1 establishes a review process of the state’s academic standards every six years. The process involves various committees of teachers and a review by legislators.

The bill also seeks to give local school districts more control over their teacher evaluation methods. A provision in the bill extends a pilot program that was passed for Jefferson County last year to give superintendents more ability to recommend principals statewide.

Senate Bill 1 passed out of the Senate Friday with a 35-0 vote. The bill will now move on to the House.

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