Speaker Hoover announces bipartisan working group on Kentucky’s transportation infrastructure

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On Wednesday, House Speaker Jeff Hoover announced the formation of a new working group on Kentucky’s transportation infrastructure, which will consist of a bipartisan group of Kentucky House members who will study the state’s infrastructure needs and suggest solutions.

Appointments to the work group include Republican Representative Sal Santoro and Democrat Representative John Sims, Jr. who will serve as co-chairs. Santoro is the Chair of the House Budget Review Subcommittee on Transportation.

Other members who will serve on the work group are Representatives Matt Castlen, Jeff Greer, Chad McCoy, Phil Moffet, Marie Rader, Bart Rowland, and Attica Scott.

According to Speaker Hoover, the bipartisan group is being tasked with studying the road and transportation needs facing Kentucky, including the declining revenue in the state’s road fund. Hoover said that each member he is appointing to the group has expressed an interest in working to address this problem and finding creative solutions that will move Kentucky forward.

In May, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce released “A Citizen’s Guide to Kentucky Infrastructure,” which details the critical condition of much of the state’s infrastructure and included possible solutions to the infrastructure issues facing the state. Read more about the Chamber’s infrastructure report here.

Hoover said the work group will report its findings to the General Assembly in December.

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