Gov. Bevin says tax reform may require a second special session

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As talk of a special session to deal with key financial issues facing the state continues, Gov. Matt Bevin says pensions will be the focus this fall and tax reform could come later. While covering the Shaping Our Appalachian Regional Summit (SOAR), WEKU reported Bevin saying tax reform is still a key focus, but the pension issue should be handled first. Read WEKU’s story here. 

The governor posted a video last week saying he had just met with leadership from the House and Senate, and still plans to call the legislators to Frankfort in a few weeks. In the video, Governor Bevin said he wanted to “bring encouragement” to Kentucky retirees because “we are going to save the pension system.” He said the legislature and himself understand “we have an obligation and we intend to meet that.” Watch the video here.

Bevin reiterated his statement last week on the subject: “We do need to update and modernize our tax system.  What I’ve made clear though, is under no way, shape, or form am I intending to raise taxes to pay for the pension problem,” said Bevin.

See last week’s Bottom Line story on Bevin’s views on pensions and taxes ahead of the special session

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