President Trump releases $200 billion infrastructure proposal

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This week, President Trump released his infrastructure proposal, “Rebuilding Infrastructure in America, of $200 billion over 10 years, part of a $1.5 trillion infrastructure package.

The president’s proposal focuses on funding from state and local governments, with half of the $200 billion going to a “competitive discretionary grant program” where applicants must have 80% of a project already funded by state, local or private sector funds before the federal government would supplement funding. Another $50 million in the proposal would go to a program to invest in infrastructure in rural areas.

The president’s proposal also focuses on the need for public-private partnerships. In 2016, the Kentucky Chamber helped pass legislation to allow public-private partnerships and has continued to advocate for it since its passage.

“The new federal infrastructure plan is predicated on states raising revenues,” said Juva Barber of Kentuckians for Better Transportation. “The only way for Kentucky to be competitive to attract these funds is by providing a large amount of matching funds. That won’t occur with existing revenue. We must create sustainable solutions that includes raising a variety of gas taxes and fees.”

Click here to view the “Rebuilding Infrastructure in America” proposal.

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