Bourbon Tourism Bill Sees Final Passage

Legislation that will help the ever-growing bourbon industry saw final passage on Monday evening. House Bill 400, sponsored by Rep. Chad McCoy from Bardstown, passed the Senate with a vote of 33-5 and now heads to the governor’s desk for signature.

House Bill 400 will allow visitors to Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail to ship their bourbon purchases back to their home.  This is a critical step in helping Kentucky’s signature bourbon industry continue to grow.

Over 1.2 million tourists visit Kentucky’s bourbon trail every year and Kentucky is losing tax revenue by barring tourists from around the world from shipping bottles back home. House Bill 400 was a bipartisan solution that fixed this lost opportunity by establishing a legal, regulated system that allows travelers to ship bottles home when visiting a licensed distillery, winery or retailer. This step will help create jobs, add much-needed revenue to local and state coffers, satisfy tourists’ number one demand – and not cost taxpayers a dime.

Along with the Kentucky Chamber, House Bill 400 was championed by the Kentucky Distiller’s Association.

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