House and Senate will remain in Republican control after fall elections, Senate President Stivers predicts

After a contentious 2018 legislative session filled with votes on many difficult issues including pension reform, changes to the tax code, and balancing the state’s budget, a lot of attention is being paid to elections across the state this fall as many incumbent lawmakers have challengers and a large number of teachers are running for office.

But Senate President Robert Stivers tells The Bottom Line he is confident both legislative chambers will remain in Republican control come November.

Stivers said he believes as people learn more about the laws passed by the General Assembly in 2018 over the coming months there will not be the “animosity or vitriol” that has existed over issues like pension reform.

He also pointed to the funding legislators put toward education and other areas which he said is important to many people across the state.

“There will still be some lingering impacts, there’s no doubt. But in the end, I think the House comes back still in control with David Osborne and Jonathan Shell and the Republicans being there and I think the Senate is the same way. And I think it will be substantial numbers, it won’t be bare minimums,” Stivers said.

Watch the interview segment with Senate President Stivers here:

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