Senate Democrats elect new leadership team ahead of 2019 session

DtrtHecVAAADbTkKentucky Senate Democrats held leadership elections on Wednesday to elect their leadership team for the 2019-2020 biennium.

The leadership team for the Senate Democratic caucus will include:

  • Minority Floor Leader
    Sen. Morgan McGarvey of Louisville
  • Minority Caucus Chair
    Sen. Johnny Ray Turner of Prestonsburg
  • Minority Whip
    Sen. Dennis Parrett of Elizabethtown

The newly-elected leadership team comes as former Minority Leader Ray Jones won his race for Pike County Judge-Executive and former state Sen. Dorsey Ridley, who served as Minority Caucus Chair, lost his re-election race to GOP Rep. Robby Mills in the 2018 elections. Sen. Parrett continues in his position as Minority Whip after being elected to the leadership role in 2017 to replace Sen. Julian Carroll.

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