Lawmakers begin 2019 session with unusual circumstances, Senate to vote on bills by end of the week

On Tuesday, legislators returned to Frankfort to begin the 2019 regular session of the General Assembly. During their first day back, lawmakers swore in new members and leadership teams, introduced new legislation, and appointed a group to decide an election where a Democratic former Representative and a Republican incumbent saw their contest come down to one vote.


Nine House members taking an oath to serve on the Election Contest Board

The House appointed a new Election Contest Board comprised of members drawn at random to review evidence related to the contest and make a decision on the election decided by one vote in Daviess County. Former Rep. Jim Glenn (D), who defeated incumbent DJ Johnson (R) in the November election by one vote, came for the first day of session and sat in his seat. But because the election is still under contest, the new 9-member House committee comprised of six Republicans and three Democrats will make a decision that will go before the full House.

Along with the appointment of the Election Contest Board, both the state House and Senate introduced new bills and gave them bill numbers.

The Senate not only introduced bills but also gave some bills their first reading, indicating they could pass those measures this week. Those bills include legislation on education policies including principal selection, site-based councils and tribunal reform, background checks for schools, abortion, and a bill pertaining to gubernatorial elections.

The Senate scheduled a meeting of the Education Committee for a hearing on Senate Bill 3, the legislation on principal selection and site-based councils, for Thursday at 1 pm.

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