Senator McConnell and Kentucky leaders work to address opioid crisis


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and James Carroll, Director of the National Office of Drug Control Policy, met with stakeholders Monday at Volunteers of America in Louisville to discuss the impact of the opioid epidemic in Kentucky.

The group of stakeholders included those working on the front lines of the opioid crisis, such as practicing physicians and social workers, U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman, State Senate President Robert Stivers, and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.  Discussion focused on treatment, funding and removing barriers for people in recovery, such as finding housing and a job.

Leader McConnell noted Kentucky has been one of the states hit hardest with the opioid epidemic and commended organizations such as Volunteers of America for working on solutions to the public health crisis, which has now become a workforce crisis as well.

Leader McConnell said legislators are attempting to tackle this epidemic by introducing bills dealing with both treatment and law enforcement, noting the federal government has pumped roughly $30 million into Kentucky to address the issue.

Learn more about other work done by McConnell and Kentucky’s business community on the opioid epidemic here.


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