Changes to tax “clean up” bill move forward on final day of 2019 session

UPDATED: After passing a “clean up” bill for tax reforms made in the 2018 session earlier this month, lawmakers passed a bill to make additional small changes to the tax code on the final day of the 2019 session.

House Bill 458 was filed by Rep. Steven Rudy and passed through the House to serve as a vehicle for these types of changes to the tax plan.

The Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee took up the bill and amended it with a committee substitute with the additional tax clean up language on Thursday.

The bill includes changes to language that could have been misinterpreted on open records, fixes for combined reporting for businesses with locations in multiple states, removal of a sunset clause for the tourism development tax credit, wording dealing with the repeal of the bank franchise tax to ensure local entities aren’t impacted, and other cleanups.

The amended version of House Bill 458 was voted on in both the Senate and House on Thursday, with some changes made on the House floor that would have cost the state money. The bill was finally passed late Thursday night and now heads to the governor.

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