Kentucky school counselors connected with resources on important student career paths

IMG_0202On Tuesday, school counselors and college and career readiness coaches from across the bluegrass region gathered in Frankfort to hear from businesses and industry leaders who are working to actively hire individuals with certain technical skills to learn more about the career pathway options.

The event, organized by the Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center in partnership with the Associated General Contractors of Kentucky, brought school counselors and employers together to learn more about the career pathways available within the construction industry in the state.

Employers highlighted the fact that there are over 80,000 employment positions in the construction industry in Kentucky with an average pay of $53,957 in 2018, which amounts to 17 percent higher than the state average.

The goal of the event was to share information about the industry with school counselors to share with students in order to illustrate there are many career pathways available within construction, not just jobs to be had when coming out of school. The lunch and learn event also aimed to connect counselors with employer partners as well as industry resources that they can share with teachers, students and parents moving forward.

This effort was organized as a part of the Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center’s work with industry collaboratives, bringing together employers from all of the state’s key industries to find solutions to workforce issues and build a better talent pipeline.

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