Bill to allow shipment of alcohol to your door passes through House committee

alcohol shipment in committeeKentuckians could soon get alcohol shipped to their home from in and out of state producers under a bill passed by the House Licensing and Occupations Committee Wednesday. House Bill 415, sponsored by Rep. Adam Koenig, would allow producers to ship wine, spirits, and beer to consumers.

Rep. Koenig presented a committee substitute to the bill which removed distributors and wholesalers from the bill, as the groups did not want to be included.

Koenig said the bill meets consumer demands by allowing for these shipments while also modernizing Kentucky’s system and generating new revenue for the state without raising taxes.

The bill would require alcohol shipments to be very clearly labeled and an ID check and signature upon delivery.

Shipping limits agreed to by all types of producers are included in the legislation as well as provisions to ensure shipments are not made to dry areas of Kentucky where alcohol sales are prohibited. It also maintains Kentucky’s sales and excise tax collection on all inbound shipments and eliminates the 80 percent delivery rule for retailers.

Retailers testified in front of the committee to express concerns about how the bill would negatively impact their businesses because people would be able to order alcohol from their homes and have it shipped to their door instead of going to their local retailer.

The amended version of House Bill 415 now heads to the full House.

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