Kentuckians Strongly Support COVID-19 Liability Protections for Businesses

Kentuckians overwhelmingly support liability protections for businesses related to the COVID-19 pandemic, recent polling shows. When asked if businesses that act in good faith when reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic should or should not be provided protections from lawsuits, 67% agreed that they should while 22% did not support such protections.

Support was mainly even among all Kentucky regions, age, gender, and party registration.

Republicans support liability protections the most at 73%, with strong support from Democrats at 63% and Independents at 65%.

Partnership for Commonsense Justice spokesperson Greg Thomas said, “These poll results show that there is strong support for meaningful COVID liability protections all across Kentucky. Our elected leaders should take note as we begin the 2021 legislative session.”

He added, “Job creators, healthcare providers, educators, and taxpayers understand that in order to get Kentucky’s economy back up and running, we must have pandemic liability protections in place for everyone providing services and goods during the pandemic and now opening back up safely. The Legislature must act soon to provide certainty for Kentucky’s businesses and healthcare providers.”

The poll was conducted by the firm Mason-Dixon and was paid for by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Additional details of the survey are available upon request.

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