Large coalition sends strong message to lawmakers calling for action on increasing infrastructure investment in 2021

Damage asphalt concrete road. The hole is in center of the road.

With the bill filing deadline approaching, a large group of organizations released a statement Wednesday strongly urging action on increasing funding for roads and bridges during the 2021 session.

“Increasing funding to improve Kentucky’s infrastructure has been the top priority of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky League of Cities, Kentucky Association of Counties, and many other organizations in a huge coalition for years now with no progress in the General Assembly. This year alone, 110 cities and counties and 14 state and local chambers of commerce have passed resolutions and written letters in support of this issue, and yet it continually has been put on the back burner. Increased investment in our roads and bridges is key to our economic development, safety, competitiveness, and quality of life. Kentucky continues to fall behind, and we must act now. Funding solutions must be modernized and remain dynamic to meet the evolving needs of a changing economy. There is no better way to work toward economic recovery and getting our people back to work than properly investing in Kentucky’s future by raising the gas tax by at least 10 cents. Without action on this issue in 2021, the legislature will have, for the fourth year, chosen not to truly act on the best way to move our economy forward.

The following groups have signed onto the statement:

  • Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • Kentucky Association of Counties
  • Kentucky Association of Cities
  • American Council of Engineering Companies of KY
  • Associated General Contractors of Kentucky
  • Association of Equipment Managers
  • BridgeLink
  • Commerce Lexington
  • Covington Business Council
  • CSX Transportation
  • DLZ Engineering
  • Greater Louisville Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce
  • Henderson Chamber of Commerce
  • Homebuilders Association of Kentucky
  • Kentuckians for Better Transportation
  • Kentucky Concrete Association
  • Kentucky Crushed Stone Association
  • Kentucky Highway Contractors
  • Kentucky Public Transit Association
  • Northern Kentucky Chamber
  • Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Plantmix Asphalt Association of Kentucky
  • RJ Corman
  • Southeast Kentucky Chamber
  • Stupp Bridge Company
  • UPS

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