Bill filed to generate money for Kentucky’s ailing roads and bridges

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On Tuesday, the final day to file bills during the 2021 session, legislation was filed to improve Kentucky’s infrastructure by increasing funding.

House Bill 561, sponsored by Rep. Sal Santoro, would generate money for the state to spend on failing roads and bridges by adding 10 cents per gallon to the state’s gas tax, as well as make changes in other areas such as creation of a multimodal fund.

After the bill was filed Tuesday afternoon, the Kentucky Chamber released the following statement:

“We applaud Chairman Santoro for his efforts in championing infrastructure investment for a fourth consecutive session. We strongly urge the General Assembly to pass House Bill 561 to continue our economic recovery and promote safety and better connectivity throughout our Commonwealth. Our neighboring states have acted in recent years, and it is imperative to increase our commitment to transportation in 2021 to ensure Kentucky stays competitive.”

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