Bill changing how Kentucky companies deal with safety regulations moves forward

Legislation streamlining Kentucky’s OSHA-related regulations to help avoid patchwork regulations and avoid mistakes passed through the House Economic Development Committee Thursday.

House Bill 475, sponsored by Rep. Walker Thomas, would bring Kentucky in line with most other states to ensure that our OSHA-related regulations are no more stringent than those set by the Federal government.

Currently, most states rely on federal OSHA programs and therefore follow federal regulations.

Kentucky Chamber Vice President of Public Affairs Kate Shanks spoke in support of the legislation in committee noting using the federal regulations ensures consistency.

“We encourage our state officials that ensure workplace safety and health to enforce federal regulations while continuing to provide their education and training services for employers as well. Workplaces are getting safer. A combination of straightforward, consistent regulations and education and training is key to maintaining the trend of safer workplaces. Employers want safer workplaces too,” Shanks said.

House bill 475 now moves to the full House for a vote on the floor.

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