Changes to education accountability standards would hurt transition readiness, Kentucky Chamber warns

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has commented on proposed changes to accountability weights in the Kentucky Department of Education’s administrative regulations.

The proposed changes to 703 KAR 5:270 would decrease the value placed on students’ postsecondary readiness in Kentucky’s high schools.

The reduction of weight on transition readiness will disincentive school districts from continuing or further establishing programs that focus on preparing students for the workforce.

In comments submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Kentucky Chamber Director of Political Affairs Travis Burton said, “Implementing high postsecondary standards for Kentucky’s students is essential to ensure Kentucky produces a workforce that can compete in the global economy. The Chamber was pleased to assist in efforts to successfully increase the emphasis on postsecondary readiness and is discouraged to learn lowering the weight on this measure is being considered.”

Written comments were accepted through April 30, 2021 and will now be reviewed by KDE before a final decision is made on the regulation.

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