Commonwealth Communities: Manchester, Kentucky with Senate President Robert Stivers

Significant changes are happening in Kentucky and across the U.S., as we work to recover from a global pandemic and keep up with a changing economy.

Much of this work is being done in our local communities – to promote tourism, ensure jobs for the future, and much more – all making Kentucky a great place to live and work.

This new series for The Bottom Line, Commonwealth Communities, will highlight the ideas and innovation that local leaders are utilizing to push their communities forward.

The Commonwealth Communities series kicks off with a trip to Manchester, where Senate President Robert Stivers showed myself and others around his hometown in Clay County. From new attractions in their historic downtown and shared workspaces for the new virtual world, to second chance employers manufacturing key parts for many Kentucky businesses, Stivers hopes Manchester will be able to preserve its history while building a new legacy.

Through partnerships with the local hospital, Volunteers of America, Shaping our Appalachian Region (SOAR), and private investment, Stivers says he hopes to see real changes come to fruition in Manchester and Clay County within the next two to three years.

Watch the full interview with Senate President Robert Stivers below to hear the focus of the work happening in the area, partnerships, future plans, and more:

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