Kentucky Chamber issues statement in response to President Biden’s business mandates

Following the Biden Administration’s decision last week to mandate vaccinations or weekly testing of employees for all businesses with more than 100 employees, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce responded Monday, warning of the dangerous precedent set for Kentucky employers.

The following statement was issued Monday by Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts:

“The Kentucky Chamber believes vaccination is not only the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our Kentuckians safe, but also the best way to keep our businesses open and our economy running. Kentucky employers have done everything in their power over the last year and a half to keep everyone safe and strongly encourage vaccination.

However, the announcement by President Biden leaves many questions for businesses and sets a dangerous precedent against employers’ rights. The Kentucky Chamber will do everything we can to ensure this rule is the least burdensome as possible to Kentucky businesses. We will be looking to our members for feedback as we navigate this issue.”

The announcement from President Biden comes at a time when Kentucky ranks 48th nationally in workforce participation with an economy that has not fully recovered its pandemic-related workforce losses.

The effective start date for the new business mandates remains unclear.

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