Increased student financial aid legislation clears first legislative hurdle

A bill that would require high school students to complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) documents before graduation passed through the House Education Committee Tuesday.

House Bill 126, legislation aiming to improve access to higher education, would provide awareness of costs and opportunities for aid when students consider continuing their education after high school.

Rep. Regina Huff, the sponsor of House Bill 126, said the bill is needed to help as many students as possible know what financial resources they have available, should they want to continue their education.

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Manager of Public Affairs John Hughes testified along Rep. Huff in favor of the legislation and stated the bill could help alleviate Kentucky’s workforce crisis by ensuring families are aware of all their options for higher education.

Hughes noted Louisiana was the first state to require FAFSA completion, and the state saw their rates improve from 51% to 77% in the first year.

The bill contains an opt-out provision to make it optional for students and parents.

House Bill 126 now moves to the House floor.

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