Election matchups set for 2022 primaries after passage of new district maps and extended filing deadline

Many candidates filed to run for office Tuesday on the filing deadline for the 2022 elections.

Individuals looking to run for office had some extra time to evaluate the new district maps passed by the legislature earlier this month. The redistricting plans drew some incumbents and candidates who had already filed out of their districts and into new ones. Because of this, the General Assembly passed a bill extending the filing deadline to January 25 which was signed by the governor.

However, two of the new maps were vetoed by the governor but ultimately overridden by the legislature. This process will continue in the courts as the Kentucky Democratic Party has sued over the two plans.  

Because the plans will potentially be hung up in the court system and could be overturned, some are already planning on another possible extension to the filing deadline. Rep. Jerry Miller, the sponsor of the House and Congressional maps, has filed a bill that would extend the filing deadline to May and push the primary to August. That bill has not seen any movement at this point in the legislative session.

So, for now, elections are proceeding as is. And there are many interesting races across the state with new districts, matchups between incumbent members, open seats as a result of incumbent member retirements, and more.

695 people have filed to run in this election year according to Secretary of State Michael Adams. A full list of who filed can be found on his office’s website.

Some of the most noteworthy items following the filing deadline include:

  • Incumbent Democratic Reps. Makenzie Cantrell and Lisa Wilner were pitted against each other in the same district under the new maps. However, they will not have to run against each other as Cantrell has filed to run for Court of Appeals judge in the 4th District-2nd Division.
  • Louisville Democrats Reps. Mary Lou Marzian and Josie Raymond filed for re-election and will face each other in a primary in the new D-41.
  • Rep. Bobby McCool will face off with Rep. Norma Kirk McCormick in the GOP primary in the new House D-97 as they both filed for re-election.
  • The same applies for two Republican lawmakers placed in the same western Kentucky district — Reps. Lynn Bechler and Jim Gooch Jr.
  • U.S. Senator Rand Paul has filed for re-election and has drawn five Republican and four Democratic challengers—including former Democratic state Rep. Charles Booker
  • With the retirement of Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth, State Sen. Morgan McGarvey, the chamber’s top-ranking Democrat, and Democratic state Rep. Attica Scott will face off in the primary. And on the Republican side, Daniel Cobble, Mike Craven, Justin Gregory, Darien Moreno, Rhonda Palazzo, Gregory Puccetti and Stuart Ray are running for the seat.
  • All five Republican Congressmen have filed for re-elections and have opponents on both sides of the aisle

All of the races and candidates can be found on the Secretary of State’s website here.

Stay tuned to The Bottom Line for updates on the 2022 elections. 

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