Fund to help displaced Ukrainian families set up in bill passed by Senate committee

As the world watches the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, many Ukrainian families have been displaced and will need to relocate. A bill heard in committee Wednesday would set up a fund to help families who would relocate to Kentucky.

Senate Bill 195, sponsored by Sen. Chris McDaniel, was amended in committee to set up a fund which would provide up to 5,000 Ukrainian families relocating to Kentucky with $10,000 each and allocating $5 million to the Kentucky Refugee Ministries in each year of the state’s next two-year state budget for community support.

McDaniel said the amending of the bill represents a unique opportunity where policy and human interest intersect. He stated as the catastrophe has unfolded in Ukraine, more than 3 million individuals have been displaced into Poland, which would be the equivalent of 450,000 people coming into Kentucky. He added as the year advances, there will be opportunities to help families resettle, and this bill would allow Kentucky to provide assistance to families in need.

Kentucky Refugee Ministries Executive Director John Koehlinger the Commonwealth has a long history of resettling refugees from many countries and the state typically has a higher per capita impact and the legislation would provide needed support.

Senate Bill 195 passed through committee unanimously and now moves to the full Senate for consideration.

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