Bill to help Kentuckians navigate public benefits cliff sees final passage

In an effort to help Kentuckians make sound financial decisions, the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation to offer more resources to support working families and create a task force to study Kentucky’s benefits.

House Bill 708, sponsored by Rep. Jonathan Dixon, requires the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to develop a proposal to make a “benefits cliff” calculator available to Kentuckians applying or reapplying for public assistance benefits and a job positing database to help those looking to pursue employment while not losing certain benefits or ensure a smooth transition. The legislation also forms a task force to examine the benefits cliff issues facing many in the state and create a plan to address those hurdles.

A benefits cliff is when an individual suddenly loses eligibility for a public assistance benefit due to a wage increase or because they took a job.

House Bill 708 passed on consent in the Senate Wednesday, giving it final passage. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk.

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