Kentucky Chamber Releases Voter’s Guide for the 2023 Governor’s Race

With all of the noise in political campaigns, it can be hard to compare the candidates on their stances. Ahead of the gubernatorial elections, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has put together a voter’s guide for the citizens of the Commonwealth.

The Kentucky Chamber asked each candidate in the 2023 governor’s race, Democratic Governor Andy Beshear and Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron, to share their visions for success for each area of “Kentucky’s Winning Strategy,” the Chamber’s new plan for talent attraction, business growth, and workforce development. Using this plan, candidates detailed their stance on issues critical to the business community including tax reform, health care, workforce, economic development, and more.

As a non-partisan organization, the Kentucky Chamber does not endorse in statewide races, but this voter’s guide is intended to provide Kentuckians the information they need before heading to the polls on November 7, 2023.

In addition to the voter’s guide with the candidate’s opinions in their own words, the Kentucky Chamber also interviewed Beshear and Cameron at the 2023 Annual Meeting Dinner in September. Video of the interviews can be found in the guide as well as on the Chamber’s website.

 Download the guide here or see the full voter’s guide below:

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  1. Why is the Kentucky Chamber ignoring Kentucky’s failing public pension? That’s the root of Kentucky’s growth problems. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Tennessee is in the top three best funded public pension systems in the nation. Kentucky is in the bottom three worse funded public pension system in the nation. Last year the population of Tennessee grew by over 82,000 while Kentucky grew by a measly just over 5,000. Warren Buffet is warning investors to avoid states that carry high levels of unfunded pension liability. Why is Frankfort and the Chamber trying to hide this from Kentucky taxpayers?

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