Chamber-supported bills pass Senate Education Committee

Day two of the 2011 legislative session saw the committee passage of two positive education bills. The Senate Education Committee passed out SB12 (Winters), to improve the principal selection process by requiring that a superintendent be included. The Chamber supports this bill because superintendents are held accountable for the success or failure of each school – just like managers are held accountable for their employees’ performance in the business world – and it is only logical and in the best interests of students for superintendents to have a say in the leadership of those schools. Currently, school councils have the authority to select a principal while a superintendent’s hands are tied in the process.

Also passed out of committee was SB13 (Winters), which intends to increase the number of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) AP students, particularly those in poverty, through monetary incentives for teachers of these subject areas. An increase in the number of STEM graduates is critical to Kentucky’s ability to compete in the global economy and the Chamber supports efforts, like SB13, to do so.

The Senate plans to continue to hear bills in committee and hold floor votes throughout this week, while the House will complete its organizational duties. Check back as the session continues for updates on action from the legislature.

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