NLRB proposes new regulation requiring labor law postings

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has proposed a new regulation that would require most employers to post a notice of labor rights as provided by the National Labor Relations Act. While the NLRB claims the posting would be similar to other workplace notices already required, this proposal is heavily biased towards organized labor. The notice seeks to inform workers on how to unionize and its benefits, but mentions nothing about a worker’s right to refuse to pay union dues or the ramifications of unionization, such as losing the right to speak directly to management. This proposal appears to continue the NLRB’s attempt to pass pro-union measures through regulation since Congress has refused to pass the Employee Free Choice Act (“card check”). If you wish to review the proposal or submit a comment, check it out here. The deadline to comment is February 22. The Kentucky Chamber will also submit a comment in opposition to the proposal. If you have any input, please send Charles George an email at

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