Help us stop mandated health cost increases on employers

The Kentucky Senate is considering legislation that will increase health care costs for Kentucky employers.  The cost of providing health care for employees is already limiting job growth.  SB 75 would create special billing privileges for a single health care interest group.  By allowing chiropractors to bill extra services for reimbursement and legislatively mandating minimum billing rates, SB 75 will increase health care costs for all Kentucky employers without even improving access to services or care.  SB 75 will legislatively mandate pay increases for one provider group at the expense of private employers and taxpayers.  Please take 2 minutes and call 1-800-372-7181 to leave a message for your state Senator.  Ask him or her to stop higher health care costs on Kentucky employers by opposing SB 75. 

Categories: 2011 Kentucky General Assembly, Health & Wellness

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