Washington D.C. wants to know which federal regulations are negatively impacting your business

In addition to our efforts in Frankfort to advance the Chamber’s Business Agenda, we are keeping a close watch on business issues being debated in Washington.  Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is holding a hearing called “Regulatory Impediments to Job Creation”  in the wake of his recent public request to businesses, trade groups and think tanks for identifying “regulations that have negatively impacted job growth.”  On Monday, President Obama noted his support for repealing duplicative and unnecessary business regulations in his speech to the U.S. Chamber.

The Chamber was contacted by Senator McConnell’s office requesting that we provide information to their office regarding federal regulations that have a negative impact on business growth in Kentucky.  As a member of the chamber, we are requesting your assistance. If you are aware of a specific regulation that poses concern to your business, please send this information to Beverly Standifer (bstandifer@kychamber.com) in our office by Feb. 15. We will compile this information and pass it along to Senator McConnell’s staff to ensure it is considered in this review. Please feel free to pass along to your government affairs staff, tax compliance staff or legal counsel and urge them to reply.

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