Tracking the battle over the federal health care law in court

Challenges to the health care law continue to meander their way around our federal court system. From Kaiser Health News, here’s the latest on where each of the 26 lawsuits stand:

Appeals Court Status & Rulings

  • Thomas More Law Center vs. Obama: Appeals court ruled law constitutional on June 29
  • Virginia vs. Sebelius: Oral arguments heard May 10
  • Liberty University vs. Giethner:  Oral arguments heard May 10
  • Florida vs. HHS: Oral arguments heard June 8
  • Baldwin & Pacific Justice Institute vs. Sebelius: Oral arguments heard July 13
  • Susan Seven-Sky vs. Holder: Oral arguments scheduled for Sept. 23

District Court Status & Rulings

  • Court overturned law or part of law: 2 cases
  • Court ruled law constitutional and dismissed case: 6 cases
  • Court dismissed for lack of standing or procedural problems: 9 cases
  • Court dismissed but gave plaintiff right to refile: 1 case
  • Court decision pending: 8 cases

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