Leadership Institute continues at Kentucky Chamber headquarters

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Leadership Institute for School Principals continues this week in Frankfort, with 24 of the state’s principals attending. A total of 47 principals were selected to participate in the leadership program. They were split into two groups with the first round taking place this summer in Greensboro, N.C. at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The principals spent their time at CCL participating in experiential learning exercises, personality assessments, career coaching and facilitated discussions about research surrounding successful leadership habits. Similar training and activities, led by CCL trainers, continue this week at the Chamber headquarters. 

After both groups of principals have completed this session of training in Frankfort, they will come together in the winter for their last training session from CCL at the Chamber’s office in Frankfort. This program was funded through a grant from the AT&T Foundation and donations from Chamber members and non-members alike. The support from the business community has allowed all 47 principals selected to attend at the training at no cost to themselves, a $9,000 value per individual. For more information about the LISP program or to sponsor a principal from your area, contact Allyson Hamilton-McIntire at amcintire@kychamber.com.

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