Energy Management Conference held in Lexington

Kentucky enjoys some of the lowest electricity rates in America due to the abundance of coal in the region. However, businesses in the Commonwealth are facing billions of dollars in burdens as a result of a shift in national energy policies that are forcing utility companies to comply with numerous regulatory mandates in an unreasonable time frame.

As a response to this trend, the Kentucky Chamber recently hosted the first ever Kentucky Energy Management Conference, sponsored by Frost Brown Todd. The event, held Dec. 6-7 in Lexington, featured, among others, Joe Craft, president CEO and director of Alliance Resource Partners, and Karen Alderman Harbert, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy.

Harbert provided the opening presentation at the conference. She spoke about how America could become energy independent if government regulations encouraged energy development instead of hindering it.

Craft discussed the war on coal in America. He pointed out that Kentucky’s reliance on coal has not only provided thousands of good-paying jobs in the mining industry; it has allowed Kentucky to have some of the lowest energy costs in the nation – a distinct competitive advantage for Kentucky business. Currently, he said, Kentucky mining operations are waiting on the acceptance of 90 permits that could help foster job growth in this unsteady economy.

For a full list of speakers from the energy conference, or to download Powerpoint presentations from the event, click here.

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