What does Kentucky’s business community want out of the 2012 Kentucky General Assembly?

This year, the Kentucky Chamber’s policy councils have placed special emphasis on policies that warrant immediate action and yield long-term benefits for the Kentucky business community. It’s time to get Kentuckians back to work with policies that will promote economic growth, because growth cannot be sustained without proper policies to support it.  

On January 3, as the 2012 General Assembly begins, Kentucky Chamber policy advocates will work directly with legislators to create policies that will:

  • support career and technical training.
  • raise the high school drop-out age from 16 to 18.
  • uphold new, tougher academic standards.
  • promote quality teaching – reward great teachers, remove bad teachers.
  • implement performance funding for new investment in higher education.
  • promote sound budgeting – adhere to the Chamber’s spending principles.
  • reform public pension systems to put them on sound financial footing.
  • stop prescription drug abuse.
  • reduce smoking and improve health and productivity.
  • promote a competitive tax climate – reform taxes that hinder job growth.
  • allow our horse industry to compete through expanded gaming.
  • encourage business investment through angel investment and economic development plans.
  • address unemployment interest payments in an employer-friendly manner.
  • promote cleaner coal as a key source of reliable energy.
  • support low-cost energy by protecting the current Public Service Commission structure.

Download the Chamber’s 2012 Legislative Agenda for a detailed look at the business community’s 2012 priorities.

Learn more at Kentucky Chamber Day

On January 5, two days after the opening of the legislative session, Kentucky Chamber Chairman Luther Deaton and President and CEO Dave Adkission will discuss these and other issues facing the business community at the 17th Annual Kentucky Chamber Day, presented by Fidelity Investments. The governor and the state’s top four legislative leaders have also been invited to share their visions for Kentucky’s economy, government and politics in the year ahead. Register now for this must-attend event.

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